Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goin' Out West - Big Horn Trail Race 50 miler

It wouldn't be a trip out west without the obligatory Tom Waits...

Big Horn Trail 50.

This looks to be an insane race.  Start is about 8800 feet, however the first 10 miles or so are downhill into the 'low' part of the course in the 4,000 feet range.  But then it goes up and over a ridge close to 8,100 before going back downhill to the finish.  The 100 does this out and then back, which is just nutty. 

Because too much is never enough I went down to VA just to run a mile on the track.  I felt like I won't have the same shape for a while if I carry through with my plan to hibernate for at least a month after the 50.  So 5:08 (maybe 5:09, haven't seen an official result yet) is going to be the quickest time for a while.  I do think they have a fall track meet or two down there, so I might be back.  Passed on the 800 because I didn't want to wait around.