Monday, November 5, 2012

Anatomy of a Streak

I'm currently on day 38 of a consecutive running streak.  I do believe it's the longest for me personally, but much shorter than some, I know.  The idea of the streak itself sometimes is enough to keep going, even just to get around the neighborhood for a minimum of 3 miles (I consider 3 the minimum for a streak, if you you the mile as the minimum I might have a much longer stretch cause I do that with my dogs pretty much every day).  Some of the highlights of the streak:

Day 1 - Saturday September 29 - 3.44 miles
A run around the neighborhood the night before the Falls Road 15k (where I ran 1:04).  Did not feel so well in the morning so I waited until the evening.  Needed to run, but didn't really want to do much.  Pace was super 9.

Day 4 - Tuesday October 2 - 8.3 miles
Track night at Gilman.  An improvised 5 mile tempo workout at marathon pace, with 3 miles of warm up and cool down.

Day 7 - Thursday October 4 - 3.1 miles
The shortest run of the streak.  I was leaving for Dewey Beach for the weekend and managed to run for 28 minutes while doing laundry for the trip. 

Day 9 - Sunday October 7 - 16.2 miles
A long run at the beach the day after doing the Dewey Goes Pink 5k.  I originally planned a 20 mile run, but having not built up to that, I did 1:10 out and 1:12 back along Delaware Route 1, from Dewey to Bethany and back.  Mostly flat except for the Indian River Inlet Bridge, about 6 miles in and 10 miles on the way back. 

Day 15 - Saturday October 13 - 10 miles
My leg of the Baltimore Running Festival Relay.  The easy leg, 7 miles of downhill and flat course.  I ran somewhere around 6:30 pace and then 3 extra miles after to get more miles done. 

Day 16 - Sunday October 14 - 10.7 miles
I called this the 'nostalgia run' where I returned to Catonsville where I lived in 2003.  A rail trail turned out to be a lot shorter than I was expected and I circled around neighborhoods and Catsonville Community College for 95 minutes until I called it a day. 

Day 20 - Thursday October 18 - 3.9 miles
A run purely to keep the streak alive after band practice.  Rather than running from where we practice I stopped in Bolton Hill on the way home and ran around Mount Vernon to get the run in.  Was feeling under the weather as well for this one.

Day 21 - Friday October 19 - 9 miles
Ran later in the evening after walking the dogs in Patterson Park.  The weather was decent for the walk, but a storm rolled in (complete with tornado warnings) and 65 percent of the run was in the pouring rain. 

Day 22 - Saturday October 20 - 9.5 miles
Bought a Garmin Forerunner at Target and immediately used it on a trail run.  The knees were aching a bit after the previous day's run through the city so I went to the trail to run somewhere softer.  Ran until the GPS said 9.5 and then stopped. 

Day 26 - Wednesday October 24 - 6.6 miles
The RM Classic.  A 5k run on the Gilman track instead of the usual track workout.  Posted a sub 20 minute time and did some extra miles. 

Day 30 - Sunday October 28 - 14 miles
The Oktober Lauf Fest Half Marathon in Philadelphia.  Ran this to try and set a PR, which I did by some 80 seconds.  Tough course in Pennypack park, including a trail section that cost at least a minute or two.  Drive up was in the beginnings of Hurricane/Superstorm/Post Tropical Frankenstorm Sandy, but the race itself was dry and a bit chilly.

Day 31 - Monday October 29 - 4 miles
Early afternoon run after Sandy had arrived.  It was raining.  It was windy.  It was kinda fun.  The Garmin shows several pace spikes when I stopped to pull garbage from overflowing storm drains.  Yes, it was that kind of crazy.

Day 34 - Thursday November 1 - 5 miles
After running every single day in October and setting a new best for miles in a month, I was not motivated to do this run.  Dragged myself around the neighborhood for 5 quite slow.  But it was something.

Day 36 - Saturday November 3 - 20 miles
A 20 mile run as the final long run of my marathon training.  Around the northside/strongside full of Druid Hills and other fun things.  Followed on Day 37 by a cross country 8k out in Linganore that was hill and tough.  But got through them both.

The streak will likely die this week as the marathon taper is on the horizon, but it's been a fun ride while it lasts.  And the next one will likely be longer.

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